Elina of Ebulondi follow up jigger treatment (2 of 2)

90 Views Basic 2018-05-19
Elina is one of those people with gorgeous hearts. he smile is so broad and infectious. This is the third time we're visiting and second digging of jiggers in her feet. The second time we visited it was her mother who had jiggers and our fear was they could spread to our dear Elina through her. On that visit we found this jigger- free girl, swinging on a tree with all joy and music. I asked her to sing a song and instantly she burst into a song 'he has done so much for me'. I guess you have an idea how terrible we felt being told jiggers were back. Though it rained hard that day, we made sure we get there to help Elina. She is one of those jigger victims you want to go back and help, and you don't want to hear those horrible bugs are back again. We know the problem is housing and a mother who is a special case, and therefore a red flag case, and we're not going to stop trying all means to help Elina and her mother and brother (who is always evasive) to remain jigger free. One little step at a time and we hope to build them another house.