Jim Nduruchi was born in the little village of Kibingei in Kimilili Constituency, western Kenya on the 29th April 1977

He was raised by his father and mother in Kibingei village, schooled in Kibingei primary and secondary schools, Miruri secondary school and Misikhu Friends secondary school. He later joined Kenyatta University to study education, and went outside Kenya for postgraduate studies.

Having grown up in poverty, as a pastor’s son, Jim understood poverty by heart and wished to help people when he grew up. He was passionate about people in need from his childhood, and as a boy he enjoyed good times with an Assemblies of God missionary and his wife, one Ron and Gloria Handson from the Evangel University, USA who brought them toffees. He marveled at these stranger’s good hearts and wondered how they could possibly come to Africa to do the good they did. He wished to bless people like Ron and Gloria did when he grew up and in 2011, Rise Up Society (RUS) was birthed, a charitable organization geared towards helping the poorest of the poor in rural Africa.

Through RUS, thousands have been helped in Kenya and Uganda, stemming from jigger eradication efforts to family planning training and tools, childcare, education sponsorship, sponsored specialized medical treatment of diverse health challenges and conditions and many other acts of kindness to those who would not afford those privileges. Jim uses social media, mostly YouTube to raise awareness for his campaigns and his friends across the globe partner with him to help those in need.

Jim is married to Agnes and blessed with two sons and eight adopted children.